Texas Reload Sale // Brenham, Texas
Texas Reload Sale // Brenham, Texas
Texas Reload Sale // Brenham, Texas
Texas Reload Sale // Brenham, Texas
Texas Reload Sale // Brenham, Texas
Texas Reload Sale // Brenham, Texas
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Welcome to Texas Reload Sale
  Welcome to the Texas Reload Sale, We’ve cream cut the best 20 steers out of some of the leading and most successful show cattle operations in central and south Texas - but more importantly to us, they mirror the honest, hardworking, family operations that built the youth show stock industry. You haven’t seen us in the magazines or posted around the barns because we’ve been building our programs around customer loyalty for years, and just because we are offering up to a public bid, our commitment to the ethics and character that made us great isn’t being tossed aside. Seek out some of our committed clients, they’ll tell you there is no better feeling than getting an honest, fair deal and winning with integrity. We look forward to working with you from the moment you step foot on the place until you hang the banner on the wall.

Every year there will be something for everyone, slick, haired, major, county and nearly every breed represented, Gert, ABC, Brangus, Simbrah, Hereford, Polled Hereford, Shorthorn, Red Angus, Angus, Maine, Chi, and plenty of smokes.
  James and Janet Rathmann - Bastrop, Texas
Home: 512-321-2232 •  Cell: 512-988-1484
35 years in the making focusing on continental genetics but still working on an initial dream to own a herd of Herefords. James started in the clubby industry teaching Ag in Elgin, TX for 11 years, then “retired” to raising show steers. If you’ve been around the ranch you know Janet is the one that does all the work.
  Joe and Joelynn Rathmann - Bastrop, Texas
Joe: 512-988-0084 • Joelynn: 717-799-2331
Two livestock judging newlyweds, trying to make a name for themselves in the industry.  Joe coaches the livestock judging team at Blinn College and Joelynn gets all the credit from behind the camera.  If you like what you see, she is always for hire.  They will be managing a lot of the sale but it’s not very difficult when you are working with the quality of producers that have come together for the Texas Reload Sale.
  Ed and Trey Geiger and Tabitha Lillard - Lytle, Texas
Ed: 210-669-4290 • Trey: 210-452-8739
If you’ve had the chance to talk to Ed or Trey you know there is a true passion for the industry on this operation, especially for the eared cattle. Two of the best when it comes to reading baby calves and it is being proven by their high rate of success. Guaranteed there will be a major show breed champion raised here every year.
  Carl, Rebecca, Justin and Tracy Tomascik and Chelsea Poe - Cameron, Texas
Carl: 254-697-1072 • Tracy: 254-541-1118
When it comes to good people it doesn’t get better than the Tomascik family.  Carl has retired from his Ag teaching job in Cameron, while Tracy, a national champion livestock judger, serves as an Associate Director at Farm Bureau and Chelsea works for the Red Angus Association.  They’ve shown numerous champion heifers and steers and were a definite go to when deciding to start the sale because of their strength in breed cattle.  A source for legit Red Angus cattle that will class and compete.
  Dwight, Suzanne, Savay and Augustus Sexton - Cost, Texas
Cell: 830-203-0168
Originally from Iowa, Dwight serves as the county extension agent in Gonzales County, where he also utilizes an extensive ET program in the production of mostly British cattle. A past national champion livestock judger, Dwight judges across the country and can be seen at Sullivan’s Stock Show University events teaching as one of their industry leaders.
  Tom, Jennifer, Emily June, Laurel and John Thomas Kelley - Yoakum, Texas
Tom: 361-275-1120
This family really doesn’t need an introduction in the Texas show circuit, they’ve hung over 20 breed champion banners at the majors and overall at the State Fair, San Angelo, Odessa and Phoenix.  EJ is finishing out her final year and many of the genetics behind these champions have been bought to be raised here.
Home Sale Success
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